Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Warhola Studios used to demo PHYX software keyer

Pittsburgh-based Phyx Incorporated used Warhola Studios to demonstrate their PHYX Keyer software.  PHYX Keyer contains nine highly optimized award-winning plugins to create seamless and realistic composites. Repair uneven green or blue screens, create and control mattes, neutralize green or blue spill, and accurately match background color and edge lighting.  Justin from Phyx Incorporated hired Josh Birt and his Red One camera along with the beautiful Lyndi Delisio as the model to demonstrate how seemlessly someone shot on greenscreen can be inserted into a different background. 

The videos can be seen on the Phyx YouTube Channel here:

You can download the Hi-Res files to test key here:

Find out more about PHYX Keyer at: