Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Warhola Studios used to demo PHYX software keyer

Pittsburgh-based Phyx Incorporated used Warhola Studios to demonstrate their PHYX Keyer software.  PHYX Keyer contains nine highly optimized award-winning plugins to create seamless and realistic composites. Repair uneven green or blue screens, create and control mattes, neutralize green or blue spill, and accurately match background color and edge lighting.  Justin from Phyx Incorporated hired Josh Birt and his Red One camera along with the beautiful Lyndi Delisio as the model to demonstrate how seemlessly someone shot on greenscreen can be inserted into a different background. 

The videos can be seen on the Phyx YouTube Channel here:

You can download the Hi-Res files to test key here:

Find out more about PHYX Keyer at:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New High-Quality Converter Added to Our List of Services

Warhola now has the new, Teranex high-quality converter added to our extensive list of capabilites.  With this new technology, we can offer upconversion from standard definition sources that look like they were hi-def!  We can also create high-quality foreign conversion (PAL to NTSC) HD or SD!  Basically, we can capture and/or convert most formats into a Pro-Res HQ file, ready to edit.  The new Blackmagic-Design Teranex has an advanced SIMD technology developed and patented by Teranex which allows instant calculations on thousands of pixels simultaneously in X, Y positions and between video frames, so you get true super computer imaging power. Processing is applied within the frame and between frames all at the same time, so you get better de-interlacing, inter-frame interpolation and noise reduction. This is why Teranex conversions are indistinguishable from the original master!  Call us to find out more about this technology and to get pricing.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Software Demo Videos still the best way to market!

We recently finished a new software demo video for AssetWorks.  A company that delivers industry-leading business solutions that help asset- and infrastructure-intensive organizations control capital and operating expenditures, reduce operational complexity, and manage regulatory and policy-driven risk.  The video is for their AMP (Asset Management Platform) software.  Check out Warhola Productions own Jessica Morrows' fine work on this piece.  You can find out more about Assetworks at:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Warhola Hosts IABC Pittsburgh Event

We were privileged to host the latest IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) event in our studio.  The response to our topic "Video for Non-Videographers" was amazing and over 30 attendees participated.  Here were the details of the event:
Be Heard ... with effective video

Video is bigger than ever on blogs, social media, intranets, websites and business presentations.

How can you produce quality video without spending a fortune?

What are the basics of a good script, proper clothing and effective audio, lighting and background?

How can you best do it yourself … and when should you hire a professional?

Learn this and more at “Video for Non-videographers,” IABC/Pittsburgh’s next professional development program. Presenter Kevin O’Leary is the business development director, in-house voice-over talent and on-camera personality for Warhola Video Productions. He is also a former director, producer and senior manager for a Pittsburgh television station. Kevin will share his knowledge of what works, and doesn’t work, on both sides of the camera.

Kevin O’Leary
Warhola Video Productions

Thursday, June 7, 2012
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Warhola Video Productions, Inc.
Deutschtown Center (across from Penn Brewery)
801 Vinial Street, Suite 201
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Free Parking!
In the studio

Alison Conte, Assistant Director of Web Communication
 and Marketing at Duquesne University
Mary Cvetan from Cvetan Communications
 and Kevin O'Leary from Warhola Productions

Alison Conte

Main Speaker, Kevin O'Leary from Warhola Productions

For more information about IABC, visit the Pittsburgh Chapter website at:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Videos for Software Company Bring Products to Life!

Sherpa Software came to us with the challenge of producing marketing videos for their different software products.  Not an easy task, since, well... it is downloadable software and not a physical product.  So by using screen captures that Sherpa provided, we were able to highlight areas, pan, zoom, and add graphics, music and voice-over to create dynamic, easy to understand, product demonstration videos.  They are performing extremely well for Sherpa as they have posted them to YouTube and are getting lots of hits!

Check out their site at

Warhola Produces "Case Study" Videos for Staples Advantange

We are excited about our recent work with Staples Advantage who initially requested that we shoot and edit an interview case study in the Pittsburgh area.  They were so pleased with the result that they have been sending us around the east coast to produce several others for them.  Check it out under the "case studies" tab on their site:

So far, Warhola has gone to Baltimore, MD, Chaleroi, PA, Philadelphia, PA and of course, our home town of Pittsburgh to shoot for Staples Advantage.