Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New High-Quality Converter Added to Our List of Services

Warhola now has the new, Teranex high-quality converter added to our extensive list of capabilites.  With this new technology, we can offer upconversion from standard definition sources that look like they were hi-def!  We can also create high-quality foreign conversion (PAL to NTSC) HD or SD!  Basically, we can capture and/or convert most formats into a Pro-Res HQ file, ready to edit.  The new Blackmagic-Design Teranex has an advanced SIMD technology developed and patented by Teranex which allows instant calculations on thousands of pixels simultaneously in X, Y positions and between video frames, so you get true super computer imaging power. Processing is applied within the frame and between frames all at the same time, so you get better de-interlacing, inter-frame interpolation and noise reduction. This is why Teranex conversions are indistinguishable from the original master!  Call us to find out more about this technology and to get pricing.

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